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Handstripping wording question

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  • Handstripping wording question

    I am looking for some help in how to explain the difference between rolling a coat and stipping it down to their "jammies" to clients. I am begging to offer handstripping but I struggling in wording when communcating with clients. Its like I know what to due but my brain is freezing in how to explain it.

    Also how long after a compleate strip do you schedule the next visit to start the rolling process.

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    I explain

    to the client that they can just pull it all off once a year and just let it grow back and do it again, if they don't care what it looks like in between groomings.
    If they want to keep the dog looking like it's breed then they need to come in more often for a roll. Give them time frames for that breed and explain that show dogs are worked every week . The coat must be kept to a certain length to keep it looking like it should. It's all about giving the client choices so they can decide.


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      I discuss the types of coats--single and double--explaining that the single coat will be taken down to the skin. The double coat will have 2 coats growing together. When I roll a coat I usually look at the dog after it has been brushed and all the hair that curls away from the body, I strip. This coat is usually a lighter color and dull. This is the old coat, and after it is pulled, the new coat grows in. I am new to this sight and don't know if you have discussed staging the dog. In show dogs if a schnauzer is stripped in stages, it requirew 14 weeks until the dog can be shown. If one is showing a double coat, it can go into the ring 2-3 weeks after the coat is rolled off.

      The single coat dog will have more leg furnishings than the double coat dog. A minerature schnauzer will usually have a single coat, (I have seen a very few), but I have never seen a single coat on a giant schnauzer.

      I ;use a magnet stripper to run over the body as the new coat comes in to remove the fuzzy undercoat--3-4 weeks after the last stage.

      I hope this helps.