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    I just went through the "who's doing it" thread and didn't realize the life it had of it's own. I have been way to busy with Metropolitan DOg Club here in NYC. WHich is a GOOD thing boys and girls. I was elected to the Board and this being the fall season we have had 3 really informative educational events. The Club does eat up time as well.
    Sam and Cynthia Kohl were at our Christmas dinner and I had a chance to sit and chat with Cynthia- who I had never met. Sam was busy chatting with our member involved in Afghan rescue. I did go to their school when they owned it years ago but never met them until now. Cynthia is the nicest person too.
    Anyhow, Sam has just come out with a new line of handstripping tools and Cynthia sent me a set to try out. I like the way they are made for several reasons. The head ha a shaft which is sandwiched between the wooden handles so the head can't come off when dropped or kicked off the table. Brilliant. Many just have the head wedged into a channel that has been cut into the wood or metal. The course one is a real workhorse. The angles are good and the weight is good. I used them today but had a day of Brussels Griffs so switched back and forth since I like the CC detail stnes for them.
    I think professional will like these tools. I have always used Hauptner tools for pet stripping but they are not considered correct for show dogs. I am glad to have these tools in my kit to switch off too.
    No I am not selling them or involved in any way- just a review.