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Could you learn hand stripping from a video?

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  • Could you learn hand stripping from a video?

    I noticed they had a video in Barkleigh for handstripping. Does anyone know of any other books about handstripping that explains the right way and the right time to strip the coat on all the different breeds.

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    you could maybe pick up the technique of plucking the hair, but that is just the tip of the iceberg with handstripping. You will need to work with an experienced groomer or handler if you want to learn it well enough. Many people are confused about what handstripping actually is, and I've seen plenty of people that think running a coat king through the coat for 5 minutes is a handstripped trim. Not even close. I've groomed a number of dogs that ask for handstripping and come in like this. Coat all one length and blown even though they are supposedly groomed very regularly. Soft coat on the legs/head. Then there are the show people in sporting breeds that call the trim handstripped, but the main techniques used is more akin to carding. There are many details, including rotating and rolling the coat, breed specific issues, so many things. I'd talk to some grooming schools to find out about their experience or start checking out dog shows to see if you can find someone.


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      I thought it might be really involved due to breed specific issues. Maybe I'll keep my eyes out for a seminar or workshop.


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        bit of an old timer

        The only way to learn is by doing....yanking the hair out of the dog...getting a feel for different coats and how to pull it out without cutting the hair. Even dogs of the same breed have different coats depending upon the color, like Lakelands...and each dog is an individual. For pets it's usually pretty basic...yank the hair out and hope that the dog has a rolling coat and there's something underneath. One of the top winning Norfolk Terriers (Nanfan Culver)was single coated...we'd show him for a while and try to get the coat to last but once it was blown I'd strip him down and wait six weeks or so for him to grow coat. I don't handstrip my old dogs...they don't like it...but it does have tremendous benefits to some broken coated breeds if they're having skin issues. So just have at it and grab that stripping knife, some white chalk to make it easier to pull the hair and don't be timid. To make it easier on the dog, hold the skin in front of where you're doesn't seem to bother them as much if you hold the skin taught and take small ammounts of hair at a time....and if you have the desire to learn you are halfway there. Have confidence in yourself and your clients will have confidence in you.


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          The only way I could strip Pirate....

          was to sit him in my lap at the park. He was distracted, and would sit as long as necessary. If blown, it does not hurt. It is tedious however. Some groomers get blister from it. It did look great when it came in. I don't have time to do it. Once clippered it is then very uncomfortable(painful?) to go back to stripping. With Pi, he had never been clippered yet. I saw Halles' breeder bring out a very fluffy dog (schnauzer) with long fluffy coat to be stripped. He had clippered at some point and wanted to strip again for a show. I think that is cruel. Strip and stick with it or forget it and don't show. Other breeders wou ld clipper Champions for convenience and then restrip for a specialty show some time later.