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    Anyone got any advice? I regularly handstrip 2 Border Terriers that the owner has done twice a year they were two yrs old when i started grooming them.
    Ive got a new customer this week who has a 6 month old welsh terrier, she wants the dog to be hand stripped its never been done before.
    Would you do a full strip or do you think it might be too much first time for such a young dog?

    Any suggestions welcome!

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    The welsh will be a lot more work then the borders. Make sure she knows it will take a lot more time(also $). And I wouldn't strip one unless it was done at least every 6 weeks.


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      Personally, I'd try to make the first groom a happy memory for the pup. A Welsh is a very different terrier than a Border....coatwise they have a harder coat...more dense usually...but you do have a good chance of getting one with a rolling coat. I'd play it by ear....I used to do a westie for a guy and he brought it in every eight weeks or so and the dog had a great coat....there was always something underneath and all I had to do was top the coat. They lost that dog and got a pup. The puppy hated to be handstripped so I asked them to put it off until the coat was blown...I never heard from them again.....but doing them every six months in the spring and in the fall is always an option. Once that coat blows it's a piece of cake to strip out....the hair almost falls out on it's own. You strip them out, give them a bath and tidy up the fuzz that's left over.