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Any Cairn Terrier Owners?

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  • Any Cairn Terrier Owners?

    My early Christmas present from my darling hubby is a 4 month Cairn
    puppy that I dubbed "Mr. Cheezle." He is a ball of hair and just so
    utterly cute!I believe he is a wheaten coat colored Cairn,
    and his ears hasn't stood up yet.

    I've never owned a Cairn Terrier before, is there any
    tutorials out there that shows how-to or advice on
    hand stripping?

    Anyways, here are some pictures of my new baby, if you have
    a Cairn or have any Cairn groom pics, feel free to share, would
    love to see em!
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    CONGRADULATIONS!!!! He is adorable!!! Our Family has a Cairn, She is a typical terrier! We also got her at christmas time three years ago. HARD to Potty Train!!! I think it took us 7 months! She now is our sons best friend. My email is [email protected], I do not know how to post a photo on this if you would like to see a photo of our girl. Merry Christmas


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      Keyray has 4 Cairns, 3 of them show quality, you might want to talk to her. SHe's got her hands full when those babies!

      Cute doggy, congratulations on the new arrival!

      Tammy in Utah
      Groomers Helper Affiliate


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        Awwww one of my favorite breeds. You can just put him in a box and put a stamp on it and send him my way I also think the name is adorable!!!!!!


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          CongratS! They are so much fun,and full of personality! I am still learning my hand stripping too, cheat a bit LOL the only pic I have is in the check my groom somewhere under handstrip cheater or something similar LOL
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            Yep, I have 4. I got my first Cairn 20 years ago and I've had a total of 8 now. I love, love, love them. They are so smart and spunky.

            I attended a class given by Scott Wasserman AKA Mr. Terrier and he showed how to handstrip his own Cairn. That was the best instruction I have found so far.

            I have a DVD and a couple books, but it really didn't make sense until I saw Scott in action.
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              Welcome to the Cairn Family!!

              Unfortunately, right now there isn't much in the way of tutorials for the Cairn.

              The most important advice I can give you is on the head... start plucking and keep plucking. The head is the hardest part to keep a good rotation of coat. At least once a week... put the dog up on the table and pull a little bit... evenly all around the head!