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Tried my first hand strip on a Cairn :-(

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  • Tried my first hand strip on a Cairn :-(

    And decided that hand stripping is not for me. I wasn't doing it because it was an owner request, I was doing it for the practice. Maggie is a very regular client and she is extremly The reason that I have decided that hand stripping is not for me is that I found it to be incredibly tedious and horribly tiring to the muscle on my hand below my . I only stripped her from her neck to her shoulders before I decided I had enough. Into the tub and down the back w/a skip

    Anyone else decide that hand stripping is not in their future?
    SheilaB from SC

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    If it was the first time you handstripped a dog, then your hand will be tired. Just like scissoring tires your hands at first, stripping takes practice and time to build the muscles that you use, as they are SO not the ones we use everyday. Take it slow and go with it. PLUS if the dog was never stripped before, chances are the hair was not ready to come out and you were pulling hair that made you pull harder than normal. I find HS to be relaxing and to be less stressful on my hands, but whatever you need to do for you.

    I just know that I do not HS dogs that have been clipped all at once. It takes months for the coat to adjust and be ready to pull.
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      Me - lol

      I am not that interested and don't have the need for it where I am. While I LOVE the look and admire the work, I don't see spending lots of time and effort on it. Perhaps I would if I had my own Terrier. The basic Terrier here would be Schnauzers - and people like a #10 or #15 on their backs because that's what they are used to seeing. Sorry, it makes me gag. I like skiptooths on them for a bit of the textured look. Needless to say, I don't do many Schnauzers here - the owners think I left them "long" (haha, so pretty well the shortest part of the dog is "too long").

      I do a bit of stripping/plucking on some dogs on their heads, ears, backs if they are suitable (often Terrier mixes with stragglies). It's a nice touch, but I would rather work on scissored dogs, actually.

      Something for everyone!