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Going from clipping to hand stripping

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  • Going from clipping to hand stripping

    Had a new westie today - the owner wanted her hand stripped as she has always requested to her previous groomer. This 8 yr olds westies hair was so extremely soft that I don't really believe that it has ever been hand stripped before (the owner said that her vet also questioned if she was really handstripped). But I am not here to put down another groomer... maybe this dog just has really soft hair. I could see she hadn't been groomed in awhile. I tried to hand strip and card but really didn't get much (but got as much as I could). This westie has really bad skin problems and would benefit from being hand stripped. Is it possible at this stage to start hand stripping? Or should I suggest some carding and clipping?
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    It's always possible....just going to be a pain in your arm....literally! I'd suggest you have her come in weekly (or as often as she will) for you to spend 15 min. stripping. Once the soft hair comes out and the new hair grows in it should be fine. I strip the main areas of my Dandies and usually just shave their ears since they're pets. I needed to use one for a meet the breed that my kennel club was hosting, so I decided I should do her ears correctly. Baby soft hair! The ears took me forever because of that soft hair. The new hair grew in just fine and I'm thinking I'll strip it so I don't go through that again!


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      I would think

      it would be painful now. Breeders do it for shows even after a shave. It should be bald to grow back coarse. I personally would discourage the owner. In my opinion it is not worth the trouble to you or the dog. Only Champion retired, but show now and then dogs require it. If she gets a new pup, start it with that one instead.