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  • new Parson Russell Terrier pup

    Hello all. I have bought a new Parson Russell Terrier puppy for conformation showing. He will have the hard wire coat. I am good at handstripping and even do it on a few of my clients, but I always have the clients that were started handstripped by a breeder or another groomer and I just pick up where left off. I pick my pup up mid- October and I am sure the breeder will cover all this, but I wanted you guys opinion: when do I start stripping? If the pup comes home at 9 weeks, when do I start trying to rotate the coat? Any other pointers? Thanks

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    I was taught by a Wire Fox Terrier breeder ( that was about 15 years ago) to strip everything out at 12 weeks of age and then to start rotating the coat. A Schnauzer breeder told me 16 weeks, and the same when I started out with a Scottie that I show for a client. Your breeder may have something different, PLEASE send pictures when you get your Parsons! I want one!!!