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  • Coat King Strippers

    I just purchased a set of Mars Coat King strippers so I can start hand stripping.
    My question is can you or do you use these tools for any other processes besides hand stripping.
    Today I had a very thick undercoated Pom and was wondering if using the coarse stripper will help thin out the coat.

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    They will also card coat. So they would work nicely on your Pom - I have used them on several myself as the owners did not want much off and I hate to clip them.
    Take it easy with them as they are quick and will cut topcoat hairs but not the same degree as clipping does.


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      They will card the undercoat out and if used incorrectly will cut coat, but they do not handstrip coat


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        I used them to thin out coats that is what they do best. I would use a coarse CK on a pom


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          They will handstrip a lot of the coat off before you need to finish off by hand. I use the fine one to handstrip terriers and spaniels all the time and it saves heaps of time. You need to use them on a dirty coat and you also need to chalk the coat so that the coat king can grip it properly. They will not work on a clean coat. I use the 18 to remove undercoat and to thin ears and tails, also to demat and thin bodies before clipping with a comb.