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finger grips?

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  • finger grips?

    I'm learning how to handstrip (I hope to learn more about it in ATL!). The woman I know who does it uses stripping knives and these little rubber grippy things on her fingers to help pluck the hair... where would I be able to get these? What are they called?
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    There are two types of those. I use the latex covers called "finger cots" that you can get at the pharmacy in the first aid aisle.

    There are also rubber tips with "knobs" (for lack of a better word at this time) that are available at office supply houses. They are used in counting money and paper I think. You can get them at Staples, Office Max etc and they come in different sizes.

    I also use regular latex gloves when struipping to keep the hair out of my hands, but I use my fingers mostly, using knives only when carding or really mucking out a coat.
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      The rubber tips with knobs, lol...I call them rubber s. I get mine at Staples, but make sure you check which size you are...I bought the wrong size this last time and it really constricts my having an elastic band on all the time. Ouch.
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        finger protection.

        I take vet wrap and cut it into strips then wrap my finger and - it's kept me from getting unsightly calluses which the old timers all have because they don't use anything.
        Meanwhile chalk helps get a grip too. I like to use ear powder but the old timers buy those big blocks and smash 'em up or stroke it directly on the coat for grip. I guess it's cheaper than ear powder but boy does that give you a good grab. I put it directly on my fingers when you have to get into tight spots like the bridge of a nose on a Brus grif.


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          My friend uses the rubber fingers, but I've never tried them (don't have them). I use stripping knives, the black pummice stone, and a Dr. Scholls pummice with a handle. Just buy it at a pharmacy, the one I have has a light blue handle and I find it very easy to pull hairs out with it...and chalk...and the breeder showing me what to do.
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