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    Im a newbie and need some advice. My mother doesn't want her 4 yr old english springer spaniel clipped any more. She has always been clipped short by a groomer in her area. Mom thinks the clipping irritates the dog's skin. This little girl does have skin issues caused mostly by allergies.
    Her hair is very thin and I did card w/little undercoat coming out, but she has this spot right on her back about 4 in. long, that sticks straight up. The rest of her body coat is growing beautifully, wrapping her body except this spot and it's driving me crazy. Is this a cowlick? How do I fix this? I don't have much experience and afraid to take to much off w/the thinning scissors creating a hole of punked hair--Ha Ha. I would like to clip a pattern, all w/the lay, but thought I'd ask everyone here before I call Mom. Im dog sitting. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    You can strip it-- with your fingers or a stripping knife.

    I do some springers that I just use a coatking on to help the hair lay and not shed as much, don't take length off because they don't grow much.


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      I use a #5 wahl snap on comb, and it looks like it was never clipped! Then card with a 40 blade upside down. I have a springer that had skin issues with another groomer that used a 5 or 7 blade. Her owner was adamant that I not "cut" her. I convinced her after 2 grooms to let me try my technique. Finally the dog looked like a wooly mammoth, and she agreed. Now she looks smooth as silk, and no skin issues. It's a technique that a groom team member showed me. The first grooming looks ok, but the second one looks awesome! Their coat will shine!


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        Great advice. I'll have to order some more snap on combs. I only have a 1". Thank you.