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How can I make a really really short neck look longer??????

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  • How can I make a really really short neck look longer??????

    Hi every one hope your all OK so I groom a rather large poodle spaniel cross ( not sure whether a cocker or a springer could even be a standard poodle !) on a long attachment cobm (the Wahl ones) annnnyway he has a lovely poodley coat in a cute teddy cut . my problem is his neck is so short it looks like his head is sat on his shoulders .. I took his neck 2 combs shorter but still looks short and stumpy ! Any suggestion please!!!!

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    You've done what I would try. Taking shorter combs to carve under the chin and down the throat and the chest to try and extend the neck helps. I've also started from behind the ear and make a V down all the way to the bottom of the chest between the front legs. That sometimes helps.
    If the dog is really misshapen , There's not a whole lot you can do.


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      Thank you for replying I was just very stumped at how short his neck is ! And wasn't sure if taking it shorter was the way to go . we shall see how he looks on Monday , owner is a new client and I've somehow managed to get them to book their next 3 appointments 4 weeks apart up till Xmas !


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        I agree with HoneyandChewiespal. Also take your two combs shorter length all the way to the withers in the back, and skim that comb down the sides of the neck blending off just above the shoulder. In the front blend off just above the breastbone. This helps create the illusion of a longer narrower neck.


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          Two combs shorter all the way to point of shoulder and maybe a little beyond. Do a reverse V there with the point of shoulder and breast bone and it will elongate the neck.


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            Thanks for your replies ! I'll try it out on him on Monday x