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Working with high set ears

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  • Working with high set ears

    What do you suggest to camouflage high set ears?

    I groomed a poodle mix today in a teddy bear trim and I didn't realize how high set the ears were until I had roughed in the head. Oops, it didn't look horrible but it could have looked better. Are there general guidelines for determine if an ear is set high?

    Thanx a bunch!

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    do you have a picture?


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      There are dogs with high-set ears, then there are dogs with very mobile ears - the latter being the more difficult to trim.

      One of my own Poodles has very mobile ears. When relaxed and his ears are down he looks great. But he has muscles in his scalp that can contract like crazy and when you think you have those sorts of dogs trimmed properly, the next thing you know the dog cocks its ears and they look like they are coming out of the top of the head.

      Is this dog you had a problem with one with actual high-set ears? Or do they look great one minute and atrocious the next?


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        Ear sets vary from breed standard to breed standard. If you're talking about poodles the standard calls for them to be set at or slightly below eye level.


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          I didn't take a picture. I never thought about "mobile" ears but that makes so much sense! Yes, the head looked fine until he perked his ears and they looked like pigtails on top of his head.