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Is there really a such thing as good coat vs bad coat?

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  • Is there really a such thing as good coat vs bad coat?

    So normally i groom at least 6 doys a day doing a 8 hour shift at the fish bowl. Its gurantee that at least two of those grooms, i can never make the hair look right for nothing! I mean i try to scissor and thinning shears it up down! i even try to do so many back brushing the dog thinks its getting massage instead of a groom. So my question is has their ever been a day where every single last of your dogs came out smokey hot or is it all based on the coat and type of texture they have, and that it is really me just being over zealous of my work. i had a shih tzu today that no matter how many types i back brush and went over the dog, it was still showing ugly clipper marks from the attachment combs (i recently change my blade drive so i know it wasnt the clippers) my coworker was like dont worry about it hunny he just got a bad coat. is this really true?

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    What comb did u use? Sometimes using the blade equivalent to it gives it a smoother cut.


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      I have a handful of shih's in particular whose coats are thin and nearly always look like ****. Sometimes you just have to know when to say when in those situations. I concur... An equivalent blade or larger comb backwards can give a smoother finish. And products can help, too: a little thick n thicker spray during fluff drying does wonders!

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        Yes some dogs are just not meant to wear certain styles and don't have the hair for it. It's just like people. I would love to have a cute short whispy look but my hair won't have it. I cAn use product to make it look right or just work with what I got.


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          With rotten coats that tend to leave chatter marks with the grain, I do what Critterclipper does - flip the blade or comb and do a reverse.