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  • Has Anyone Tried It This Way?

    I am a newer groomer and I really don't like doing nails. Especially big fat black ones on a dog with a mouth big enough to encompass my entire head. Who hates having his nails done more than I hate doing them. Nail clippers are out of the question-too dangerous for both of us, so I use the dremel. After the bath so his nails are a bit softer and he is more relaxed. But it is still a major struggle and I keep thinking one of us will get hurt. Then yesterday I discovered a trick-don't try to work on the nails with his foot in the air. He is a very large boy, so I picked up his foot and set it close enough to the edge of the table that his nails were hanging over the edge. And calmly dremelled away! No, I certainly didn't get his nails as short as possible, but they were touching the floor when he came in, and now they don't click when he's walking! For the rear feet I simply lifted each toe enough to be able to dremel it in place. (And put a few divots in my table )
    I have another client who wants the dogs nails as smooth as possible. Dog has no problem with having nails clipped, but acts like a lunatic for the dremel. But she too will stand and allow me to lift each toe enough to grind away, as long as her foot is on the table. It seems weird because i would expect there to be more vibration that way, but hey-it works!
    Of course these are both larger dogs. Now to figure out the little crocodile death roll maniacs...

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    When the dog is very heavy, it's best to keep their feet on the ground. Many large dogs simply cannot carry their own weight on three legs, so picking a foot up hurts them.


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      I do it on occasion with the big guys who just plain refuse to pick up their feet, even if I'm holding up most of their weight. If it works, and is easier for the dog, then why not?


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        I usually ick up the top enough to get the nail off table and file back as much as possible. Usually ask owner to come back in 1 to 2 weeks and do the rest


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          Sooty not the rest but do it again


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            Yep whatever works for the individual dog is what I do.