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Ears, ears and tails, oh my!

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  • Ears, ears and tails, oh my!

    First, a little story if I may…I remember cartoon from my childhood, where these two bear cubs find a piece of cheese and don't know how to share it. The Fox (who is always the wily one in Russian folklore) comes over and says: "Here, let me help you," breaks the piece in two and hands each bear cub a half. Then one cub says "Hey, his piece is bigger than mine, not fair!" The Fox says "Let me fix that" - and takes a bite out of bigger piece. Now, the other cub says "Now HIS half is bigger than mine!" The Fox again "fixes" it by taking a bite out of bigger piece, the first cub is saying "not fair" again…well, after several more attempts to even the cheese pieces there is nothing left. The Fox ate it all.

    Anyway, sometimes I remember this story when I trim the dogs' ears. Trim, trim, step back - wait, the right ear is little longer - trim, trim - now the left is longer-trim, trim...! In times like these I think ears are my least favorite part to groom. Especially if dog has crooked ear set, or always tilts his head this way and that, or lifts one ear. I don't think I am particularly good at tails, too, but at least there is only one tail on a dog!

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    THANK YOU!!!!!!!
    I have the hardest time doing ears for many of the same reasons you cited. Especially the chronic head tilters or those who turn in a half circle to try and watch what you are doing. I've found that doing them and checking again I put the dog up in the cage and step away (do something else for a few minutes or so. By then the dog has shaken a few times and is relaxed enough to keep the head straight so I can really see where I need to correct to balance the ears (and that little piece by the eye that is always longer on the right side).


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      Honeyand Chewies Pal- I get that eye piece, too! Looks fine when the dog leaves, but when he comes in next month, there it is. A longer piece in front of the right eye!! I twist the ear to trim, so I can take off the same amount. Saw an on-line demo from one of the grooming seminars where he did the ears with the head tilted back, holding the muzzle. That works well, too.
      Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

      Groom on!!!


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        Tilted back is how I was taught too.


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          LOL I did this to my bangs once when I was twelve. Trim, trim. Crooked. Trim, trim. Still crooked. Trim, trim. Oops.
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