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Nails on shave down Springer Spaniels

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  • Nails on shave down Springer Spaniels

    Is there a correct way, or is it up to the individual? When one is doing a complete shave down on a springer (usually a #7), how are the feet done? Obviously the pads are cleaned out with a #15 or higher, but what about the nails? Is fur left on top of the nails or not?

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    When I do a shave down-7f on a springer, I use the 7f in reverse on the feet. Like poo feet. the 'short haired dog' that you are creating would look funny with hair around the toes, and would look worse as he grows out.
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      On a #7 Springer shave I use a #40 on the pads, under the nails and to edge the sides of the foot, then use a #4 in reverse on the sides and top of the feet. I then clean out between the toes with a #10 if there is extra hair showing or mats sitting between the toes. I then tidy up around the nails and edge of the pads with shears.

      That is how I do the feet on Goldens, Collies, Shelties, etc..

      Yes, they are close and, yes, the nails show. Not down to the bed of the nail, mind you, but in the fashion of a nice, natural foot.


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        For me I do a #7 reverse from the ankle down on my field clips, blending the front of the leg as needed. All the hair on the top of the foot and sides is with the #7, and I tighten and shape everything with a #40 blade on the bottoms and sides to get them really neat and tidy. But that's just me!
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          On most I either hand scissor the tops of the feet similar to a Golden foot, or use a 4 or 5 reverse, depending on the length of the leg fur.


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            I do the pads with a 40 and just use the 7f over the feet then tidy them with scissors, its quick and easy.