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  • Tear stains

    I know this isn't about nails, ears, sanitary or anal, but I had a customer ask about this today and I'm just wondering... Anyone ever heard of putting boric acid powder on the stains? I guess this girls old groomer used to do it, she said it made them dissapear. I've never heard of that. I've heard of peroxide and water, 50/50, and I've done that once and it helped, but they weren't gone, just lightened up. To me putting any kind of acid on a dog, especially near its eyes seems kind of dangerous, but Idk. I wanted to tell her about Angel Eyes, but she was being kinda.... mean, for lack of a better word, about the whole thing and cut me off before I could tell her about it. So, if ayone has any suggestions, or has used this boric acid powder, please let me know. Thanks

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    I know boric acid sprinkled liberally under ones stove will kill cockaroaches.
    If the lady was "mean"...I don't think I would do any further investigating for her...seeing as she knows it all. Chalk make eye stains "disappear" too.
    Stick with your Angel Eyes.
    Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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      [QUOTE=4Sibes;405710]I know boric acid sprinkled liberally under ones stove will kill cockaroaches.
      Omg, Is that what it's for? Why would anyone use that on a dog? I was reading up on Angel eyes yesterday after I p[osted and even that, it has a low dose of antibiotics in it, which could cause resistant strains of bacteria to form and multiply. There's EyeImmunity? which I'm going to look into, not sure what that is yet, an eye drop maybe? Someone said it's not an antibiotic.


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        My sister's dog would get very bad tear stains under his eyes. She researched about tear stains and one of the most common reason dogs will get tear stains is if their food is too rich for them. My sister's dog used to eat Kibbles and Bits, once she took him off of it he has never had tear stains since. That has been for about five years.


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          Yeah, I'll ask her what she's feeding and suggest a premium food if she's feeding a grocery brand. I've also heard that giving them filtered water can also help.


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            I actually use Boric Acid as a pre-treatment.

            I mix a very small amount in tearless shampoo and make a paste, I apply it to the stains very carefully and let it sit while doing the rest of the pre-work (nails, plucking ears, sanitary, pads).

            I've used it and then not used it on the same dog month to month, I feel it really works. If you buy it in the pharmacy it costs 10-12 bux...If you buy it in the roach aisle, it's 2.99 for a big container. Soooo guess where I buy it? But it is 100 percent Boric Acid. Just never use it full strength.

            I've bought several eye stain treatments, none seem to work at all.. This works, even if a little bit. I do recommend Angel Eyes, however for the owner to work with, though just using warm water on a cottonball daily will have a noticeable effect, how many owners follow your advice?



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              Well, ha.

              Well, once my boss told the owner that she was having a waiver drawn up by a lawyer, so she couldn't sue us if the dogs got corneal ulcers, which our vet said is a REAL concern, and explained to her why it's dangerous and what exactly boric acid is and about the volume 20 peroxide, the girl kinda freaked and said never mind. Still has an attitude though, but whatever.