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So I got a dremel!

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  • So I got a dremel!

    And I just wanted to sing its praises.

    It works great. I've been using it over a period of a few days with my dogs at home, fortunately they're very good with paws being touched so they sit there looking merrily at me And no more annoying click click click on the floor with my black lab! Since her nails are black, I've always waited til they were a little longer on her to avoid hitting the quick, well no more!!

    I got my cordless Dremel for 20$ at walmart. Operates at 5k or 10k rpms, I have been using the 10k and just tap tap tap the nails for 5 seconds to shape them, then move on to the next nail so it doesn't get uncomfortably hot for the dog.

    The unfortunate part is, I HATE and despise clipping nails, but my salon will charge extra for Dremel nail service... 5$ to be exact. So NO one wants to dremel their dogs nails... It's a bummer. I'd pick the dremel over the clippers ANY day.

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    A lot of times if the clients know the benefits of demmeling they will do it. Just inform them that it lasts longer and that it gets the nails shorter and smoother. It usually can be sold to those clients that always complain the nails aren't short enough or those that or elderly or with small children in the house (the whole scratching people up).

    Enjoy your new toy!!


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      I too love my dremel! I soon got the corded one though -you must be careful with long coats so you don't get them caught up in it, but it works sooooo much faster and better than the cordless ones!

      As for charging for dremel - ya know, it takes 2 minutes. The nails aren't so sharp, older clients and clients with kids love this, you do a better job than someone who just clips nails, why charge more? It's not the same as spending 15 min dematting something, it's just the right thing to do! (or better yet, just up your base grooming charge a little, maybe $2.00, and call it included. It saves a lot of heartache over nails clipped too short too!)


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        We charge $11 for nail grinding, and it is a big hit. Customers are willing to spend the extra money to get their dogs nails shorter and smoother. I am happy because it increases my commissions. Everyone wins.


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          selling dremelling

          When we first started dremelling nails the groomers themselves did not understand the benefits of the technique AND it took longer so we didnt really spend the time with clients on selling it. Well with some practice we have all gotten faster and better at it and things have changed.
          First of all we love it because it means way less scratches up your arms to explain on date night .
          How to get the client to spend that extra 2 or for that matter 5 dollars? Talk about it. The benefits are all right there. Hardwood? Leather furniture? Dogs who jump up on their owners or the kids? It lasts longer, the nails are shorter, a lot of dogs once they get past the buzzing like it better because a dremel does not squeeze and pinch. I love it because if you can get them used to it as puppies and you are careful not to let the nail overheat they never mind getting their nails done because you are not going to quick them. You are not going to get shattered nails or for that matter no more flying nail peices in your eye, your mouth, down your bra.

          Dremels are just another one of those new fangled toys that make our lives and the lives of our clients and their dogs better, easier, happier. Considering I would rather dremel then clip..the extra buck or 2 per dog is just an added bonus.