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Nail and toe damage from ice melt salt!?

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  • Nail and toe damage from ice melt salt!?

    I posted about this quite awhile back because I had one St. Poodle client who swore that this happened to her dog while at another groomer. But I just took it all in, left his feet alone, and I've been seeing the dog ever since for grooming- about 3 years now. The nails do not grow on the dog, he is very sensitive of touching his feet, and what nails he does have are very deformed.--Has anyone else out there heard of this? Or do you know more about what is in certain ice melt mixes that does this advanced and aggressive damage? I have now had 2 new clients this month,,,coming from two different groomers and two different vets, telling me that they have recently dealt with their dogs nails becoming "ingrown", spongy, ridged, curling or twisting nails and severe chewing of the feet and pulling on the nails from the dogs. All of the similar symptoms to what we may have seen from different types of nail fungus, etc. So I am not trying to diagnose,,that has already been done by two separate Vets. These dogs had to have their entire nail removed on several of their toes (fronts only), after having the nails clipped at the groomer,,according to them both the groomers stated that they did quick a couple of nails on each dog. According to the Vets, this might well have been how the chemical additives in the salt crystals entered the dogs' bloodstream and went to work immediately on breaking down circulation of the nail cuticle and surrounding tissue. So,, what is in some of this stuff? I know to use a pet safe(r) salt melt if I absolutely have to on my own driveway,,,but anyone out there who knows what chemicals are in some brands that can cause this? --No outward signs of anything else by the way,,from licking the feet and ingesting anything, according to the owners,,just the nail and feet problems. Next time one of them is in I should grab a photo...
    Any info for me out there?
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