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    Today I had an elderly, heavily shedding medium size dog (Australian Shepherd size). The old girl objects rather strongly to being brushed-likely because of the fairly large skin tags scattered throughout her body. I love the Jodi Murphy method of shedding them out in the tub, but brushing just stressed her out. I remembered reading here that some of you hv while in the tub. Tried but wasn't very successful. Ended up just letting the hair fly while drying. And died a little inside because she was still shedding when I sent her out the door, but she had had enough for one day and was willing to bite to prove it.
    But back to the tub...I use a recirc, Best Shot products, Hanvey dryer. I saw the sav ur fur post and video; that would have been perfect (if I owned one). Am I expecting too much of the wet hv process? (I want ALL the shedding hair gone.) Just doing it all wrong? Wrong equipment? What nozzle do you use? Do you need to hv a bit before getting them wet? Is heavy lather like you get from hand applying the shampoo an important ingredient for success?
    Ok. I will stop asking questions and listen.

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    Just what I do for shedders that haven't been in in awhile. I have them come back in 3 days for a dry blow. Of course I have it figured into intial price. Try a zoom groom or something similar if she doesn't respond well to the brush. Let the product sit it's time and massage her. Relax her and the muscles that are holding the coat. I don't massage against the grain but with. Try seeing if they can get her in for another good bath and deshed in 3-4 weeks. 4 week schedule is best. You can also put her in conditioner before the bath and let her sit. Warm wash cool rinse.


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      Hmmm... the pre-bath conditioning sounds like an interesting technique worth trying. And spending more extended time simply massaging in the tub. The dry blow sounds messy, but worth a try as well IF I can convince her to bring the old gal back in a few days. "No extra charge" will hopefully do the trick.
      I have a girl with me today who sheds like she's being paid for it. Will give it a try. Thanks for the advice Dusty Muzzle!
      Also read Totally Clips' thread on a change of heart regarding doing some prebath brushing. Wouldn't work on the old girl this thread was about, but reminds me that no one way is always the best way.