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Proper use/terminology of the coat king, matt king, and rake

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  • Proper use/terminology of the coat king, matt king, and rake

    Coat King/Matt King/Rake: Correct me if I'm wrong but after reading the admin's post about newbies not knowing the proper use & terminology of these products, can someone clarify?

    I believe a coat king and matt king are about the same: I don't know what the difference is between them at all. But I believe they have 2 uses: combing the hair with to deshed (which I've done lots of & love the results on my dogs and cats, although I did a fine-coated dog with matts this way & he seemed to look a little balder by the end of it.) ...& "sawing" (my instructors words, not mine) through the matt.

    For the rake, my teacher has said to basically rake the coat the same as I'd rake a lawn, just pull it along and loose hair will come out. It didn't work so I pushed harder, and finally loose hair did come out. Then I read that you're only supposed to put on a little pressure, so I'm not impressed with this tool, and think I must be doing it wrong.

    Any takers? Any advice is much appreciated!! Happy spring break to all you moms out there!

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    about da same

    coat kings r great for removing small mats & help thin out lots of hvy coated dogs. U can thin 2 much so be carefull when using, da utter thing doesn't do me much good because they never really do a good job fur me.

    thats my humble belief, hope dis helps


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      The undercoat rake works real good in the tub. I lather the dog in de shed conditioner and the rake will get lots of undercoat off. I figure every hair I pull out in the tub is that much less to blow up my nosie with the HV.


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        yeah, true dat


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          My grooming instructor told me to put the rubber bands we use to make bows with around the teeth of my rake. Just twist it back and forth till it's stretched tight, then do another band just overlapping the first one, and so on till the rake is covered completely. The Rubber helps grab onto the hair better.

          As for the Mars Coat King, I've been wanting one to use for thinning. That's what I was always told it was for.


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            Coat Kings are great for removing undercoat and even carding (sort of) the harsher coats of terriers and sporting dogs. I like them when they dull out, which I have the BEST ones right now cause they are so dull they don't cut they pull. When they are new they CUT like the razor blades they have for teeth. If you use them against the grain of the coat they will cut the hair. Use them with the grain and they slice through mats, but remember they are CUTTING. Once dull they don't cut anymore they pull. That is when they are working the best.
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