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Frantic blo pen question

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  • Frantic blo pen question

    I have never used blo pens. Tomorrow is my first time trying it and a groomer friend said "the color gets everywhere". I started thinking does she mean like it rubs off the dog onto the carpet and bedding and walls and stuff? My boss would KILL me!! Does it rub off? I wouldn't think it would. Any help guys?

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    i have limited experience with blowpens ... but it's like an airbrush - if you don't use a stencil it will get everywhere (on the dog). on my shorthaired beagle mix the color seemed to dry pretty quickly- i never noticed it anywhere in my house - & she's on the couch/chairs/under the covers, etc.


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      You can't stand far away when doing it. You also have to use a stencil or paper to cover the area you don't want colored. It does not rub off once it is dry
      If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


      • #4 thats how you use them. I got it.