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    post on this board?
    The reason I ask, I attended her mini seminar at groom classic. I bought the davis glitter and have been playing with it on one of my schnauzers. I sprayed the adhesive, sprinkled a generous, but not ridiculous amount of the glitter then sprayed again with the adhesive. Used my stand dryer on just the air setting and dried.
    The larger the patch of glitter (I have just done a paw print), I notice it flakes off in chunks, the 4 'toes' have stayed on but they are small. the first few times I did not bathe her, got in a hurry and wanted to play w/the glitter, lol. the last time I did bathe and at first it stayed on, but later that night a huge chunk came off the 'pad' part and we lost a few of the 'toes' too, lol.
    What could I be doing wrong? this is my first attempt at any creative.
    BTW, if she does post here, your seminar was awesome, had a great time and learned a lot! Hope you come back next year!

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    Not angela but hopefully can help,
    The Davis glitter can give you different results with the coat length. I have a chinese crested that we do alot of glitter to and it will usually come off in a clump overnight. It also can vary on the thickness of glitter applied, If you apply the adhesive then lightly sprinkle the glitter on then spray again , it seems to hold better. Also I know we both like to make a mixture of elmers glue and glitter for longer lasting glitter applications. If the pooch has a nice short clip say a 7F it tends to stick to the coat pretty well , but Angela and mysel have used it on dogs with a nice flat laying coat over an inch long.