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First attempt with sidewalk chalk

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  • First attempt with sidewalk chalk

    Ok, here is my first attempt at coloring Tika, she looks like cotton candy, or an Easter Egg.
    She loved every minute of it, and we both had fun!

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    She looks very fancy! Love the H/C!


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      Very pretty colors!


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        oh, she looks so cute!! I love the colors!


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          That is very cute! I've never used chalk before. Does it rub off?
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            h The reverse Mohawk...

            Thanks you guys, first time and all, so I know it could look better, but hey, not a bad look for the Diva of the house, it suits her. If I could find a skull and crossbones stencil, I would have her done up in those, go with the whole biker chic thing I have going on that usually keeps people away form me. I found a raincoat for her like that, but it has to be altered, I'll take some pics once I get it back form the maker LOL!

            Poor Tika, for some unknown reason likes to lay on the floor, couch, bed, driveway, or anywhere else, and roll onto her back and squirm non stop. This results in her hair on the top of her back getting filthy and matted, so, each year I shave it off! This stops her from doing all the wiggling, and prevents a horror of a bad hair month. In a few weeks it will grow in, and I'll keep it reasonably short until fall, but I leave the rest of her long. So, that's the reason for the funny haircut!
            As for the colors, I was playing with the chalk and trying different things to get a good mix that wasn't gritty, so I figured out if I use a cheese grater on the fine side and hot water it disolves better and makes it easier to apply. I may darken the blue up some tomorrow, right after Mannyman gets a blue Mohawk I hope I don't screw that up, as he has a nasty attitude with not looking his best...think I might get him a black leather collar with some spikes sticking out of it too LOL! although he is a small kind looking creature, he is aggressive beyond belief. I am thinking the bad hair and the leather collar might make him less approachable to everyone who wants to pet the cute little dog with the sharp teeth.


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              Originally posted by keyray View Post
              That is very cute! I've never used chalk before. Does it rub off?
              Not so far, I grated it with a cheese grater on the finest side and dissolved it in hot water, then brushed it on and blow dried. So far it isn't coming off, but I'll let you know what happens over the next few days, as I just did it this afternoon. NExt time I am buying the neon colors to try out!


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                Ohhhhh, I think I'll be trying this out on Emi!
                some neon colors sound fun!!!!
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                  8 days later....

                  Ok, it has been 8 days since I did the pink and blue on my girl Tika. The colors have faded, but are still there and noticeable.
                  I haven't found any transfer on anything and I put a white towel on her favorite place on the sofa, and there is nothing on it but a few hairs that are pink or blue.
                  It hasn't made her scratch, her skin looks fine and she is still prancing around like she is Queen of the house, which I guess she is.

                  I am going to give her a Bath tomorrow or Wednesday and see how easily it comes out.
                  I will keep you posted!

                  Also, if anyone else gives this a try, please post your pics, I would love to see them!