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  • Colouring dogs pink...

    For those that are looking for a pink that is vivid and has staying power, have I got the product for you. It's good old Pepto Bismol. One of the dogs I groomed today came in with bright pink feet. Since Buddy is a male cockapoo, I couldn't image that Dad had done this himself. Turns out Buddy got into some Pepto 10 days ago. The owners washed his feet, but it didn't help. We washed him and still it did not lighten the colour. While trimming Buddy's feet, all I kept thinking was how great the colour had set. We're gonna have to let it grow out.

    So, to all you colourists - Pepto isn't just the nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea medicine anymore !!! :-)
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    Funny! Years ago I was giving pepto to my gsd, imagine a pink,black andtan gsd.
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      Too funny! Got any pictures?
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        It's True!

        I have a shih-tzu in full coat whose parents give him pepto when he has an upset stomach and they always manage to get it on his beard fur in the same spot every time and it takes weeks for it to come out.


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          Sorry, no pictures. I always forget to bring my camera in to work with me. When I do remember, the batteries need recharging.
          "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go." ~Dr. Seuss


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            Funny idea

            But I think the color would make me nautious enough to need to take a swig of the Pepto. LOL Too bad it doesn't come in a pretty blue. It comes in Cherry too doesn't it? How about mint green?


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              Lol. That's funny. Try Crystal light cherry pomegranate too. I dripped it on my Bichon's head once. Took 3 months to grow out.


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                LOL...Thanks for the tip. I will add that Yellow Blow Pens don't wash out well either. Willie (my Bich/Shih X) was in a parade last June and he still has the Yellow growing out in his And he is washed weekly
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