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Can you "set" color from blo pens?

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  • Can you "set" color from blo pens?

    I have a dog tonight they want the mohawk colored and I was going to use blo pens to do it. I know with other color, like manic panic, you can set it with Results Rinse or a vinegar rinse. Is it possible to do that with blo pens?
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    Well, I didn't get any replies, so I thought I'd at least share what I did and maybe someone can tell me if it was right or wrong. Denver gets his mohawk colored something different each time. This time they wanted green. Last time it had to last a while to be in a parade so we used manic panic, but for regular coloring I try to use the blo pens. It's just faster and I have 3 poodles to do at their home and get their at 6:30pm, so you can see why time is a factor. Anyhoo... I used a paper towel on each side of the head to keep the color from getting on the parts I didn't want to color. I used two shades of green, gotta have your low lights and highlights LOL. I used a hair dryer to try to "set" it with some heat and bring out the color and then I used some CC super hold, or whatever their doggy hairspray is called. When I was in college I was an art major and though we were supposed to use "fixer" on our charcoal and such drawings, hair spray worked well too. I thought if it could work on charcoal, it might help with the color too! Before I put him in the house I tested the color, just to make sure it was dry and wouldn't come off on their white couch. Couldn't get anything off of it, so hopefully it lasts a while. They really liked it too!
    What a caterpillar considers the end of his world, we call a butterfly.