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safely dyeing dogs

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  • safely dyeing dogs

    Anyone have any suggestions on a easy way to safely dye a dog?

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    Since I didn't get any suggestions I decided to wing it. Bought some children face paint and used a brush and painted the dog. Mostly a tye dye look but did add some yellow smiley faces, hearts with DAD and MOM written on them. I also did spots of different colors and that made it look like the dog was in a middle of a paint ball fight. This dog I have been grooming for 9 years and they are moving to NC. Wife wanted me to do a send off for her husband. She gets a kick out of doing something to aggravate her husband with the dog. I also took a ribbon and slid premade bows all around it to make a lei. Just wanted to share. Gail


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      Sounds neat!

      Did you get any pics? I would have responded to your question earlier if I saw it- sorry!

      Coloring dogs isn't my area of expertise, but I have played with it a bit. What you use depends on what effect you're shooting for, as well as the type and color of coat you're working on. You can use sidewalk chalk (yes, just plain old kid's sidewalk chalk), dip the end in water, and use it to color. Kool-aid works, too. The only thing is with these two methods is that they will come off when they get wet- think ears in water bowls, or a romp in the rain. ;-)

      I've used things like Manic Panic on my own dogs, as well as a touch of color on a client's Westie. You can also get the spray on haircolor at beauty supply stores like Sally's, and then get stencils at a craft store like Michael's, and put cute designs on the dogs. It's fun, and is a nice change from the same-old same-old. :-)


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        Are you dyeing the entire dog?
        I use BloPens & do "tatoos", I can get very detailed design
        ising the blo-pens & stencils, & freehand for some things, works better on shorter coats because the longer coats dont lay the same once the dog shakes.
        Blopens work good for doing ears & tail tints to but I wouldent recomend for doing an entire dog unless you like passing out LOL
        Theres a bunch ive done on my website under photoes>creative if you want to see what can be done with them.