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  • Corded cockapoo

    I have a client that swears up and down he has 2 puli. They are cockapoo. They got extremely matted and shaved and now he wants me to start cording on them. I work for BOX STORE. This is something I have been interested for a while. I suggested at first he find a specialist to start his cords then I would be happy to maintain as my manager has groomed them before at her old location up north and was willing to advise me on the bathung and drying along with the reading I have been doing. Any suggestions? I told him to give me a month to research and see if I would be capable of this. Thank you for your time.

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    Nooooooo.... Don't do it!

    Cording is a thing that takes lots and lots of upkeep! Just because they resemble mats doesn't mean that it's less work in the grooming department. It's a TON of work on everybody's part, and if he allowed them to get extremely matted in the first place, then the likelihood of them keeping up with the cords is very unlikely


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      I don't really see any reason to keep an indoor, pet dog in cords. It's hard to develop, hard to maintain, and hard to clean.


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        ^^^This ^^^

        Corded coats are unique and interesting but are NOT practical for the average pet dog - especially a dog that has a history of being neglected by the owner anyway. Cording is a lot of work and a specialty groom that just isn't worth it to do for someone's pet dog.

        Like the ol' saying goes, "Just say NO!"


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          I found a corded coat to be extremely easy to maintain. Washing and drying took some time but after a bath it was pretty relaxing for me. I dunno I agree if the guy cnat keep up with these dogs then probably not but you might try one.


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            I am having someone come in and teach a couple of my employees how to cord. should be interesting.


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              Starting cords is work since you in effect are ripping or cutting the hairs that get matted between the sections. Once they are grown out the drying and dealing with bacteria and smell area the issues ( I've only done working komondor, so living in manure pen with sheep... Fuuuun)

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