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    Stephen: I received this email which I think you may find very helpful...

    Hello. I just found your grooming page. I, as an owner, breeder, exhibitor and a Professional Dog Groomer with over 14 years in the business, have a Corded Dog Grooming Help page on my website that has received almost 1000 hits in less than it's first year in existence. There are breeders that send prospective puppy buyers and new puppy buyers to my grooming page for assistance in cording their dogs as it has pictures and easy to understand instructions.

    As a breeder of Komondors I would rather send people to my page to learn how to groom themselves and sway them away from using a Groomer. I have a few Puli clients that insist on coming to me since I am the only Groomer in the Buffalo, NY area that knows how to cord. The reason that I don't recommend using a Groomer for a corded breed is that you simply do not have all day to devote on one dog (or you would have to charge a fortune in order to make it worth your while to clear your schedule for just that one dog) and it is damn near impossible to get a fully corded dog split down, trimmed, bathed and fully dried in a normal workday. I have had to send home Pulis that are only partially dry to clients that thought they could "air dry " the dogs only to end up with yeast infections among other skin problems that come along with not being dried thoroughly.

    I also know from being in the business that many groomers in my area and around the country that I have met at dog shows that refuse to do a Komondor or would only groom a Kom if they could shave it or if it was still in puppy coat.

    I invite you to go to my grooming page for further information. I believe it would help the pet owner and the Professional Groomer alike.

    You will find the link to my website below.

    Pam Mroz

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    _Striking the Right Cord_ by Stephanie Horan is also a good resource as is one of the email lists on yahoo---but I'm not sure if I can mention it on here or not. PM me if you want the addy but, please, leave me your email address. My computer doesn't like to play nice with the PM feature *lol*