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Yorkie Groom with Long Bangs to put in a bow

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  • Yorkie Groom with Long Bangs to put in a bow

    Hi all! I am new to the forums! I just went through grooming school in the winter and have started grooming out of my home. Strangely enough, the only yorkies I did were boys so I never really worried about bows. I have an appointment next weekend for 2 femals yorkies in which the owners like to keep their hair in bows. Normally, I'd go over the yorkie's "bang" area with a 5/8" comb in the direction of growth and do a little visor on him. I'm assuming this probably doesn't allow adequate enough of hair to put it in a bow. I was hoping for some advice on how long to keep the bangs to ensure they will be able to go into a bow properly? And also any bow placing techniques if you have any? I appreciate it!

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    If the owners "like to keep their hair in bows" the hair is probably already long enough to place bows in. If that is the case, it is simply a matter of setting the parts, putting in a rubber band and popping on a bow.


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      Better check with the owner before giving them bangs. I groom some female yorkies that have the long hair combed back to between their ears to allow for a bow. No bangs. Check out Yorkie pix on the internet - tons of them.


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        When putting a yorkie tie up in place, I use a rat tail comb. The "lines" are from the corener of the eye to the inner edge of the ear, and from the front corner of the ear to the opposite one. Then you comb it all up, pulling it towards the back of that line you just parted into the hair, and secure with a rubber band. Put the tail of the comb in front of the band and pull slightly, making a small "pouf". Slide the comb UNDER the band to make sure that skin is not caught in the band. Put in the bow. Then, comb forward whatever visor you are going to cut, Usually 1/8 inch of hair across the front of the brow and trim it fairly short (at my shop anyway). You can tell if they have had a visor before and if they have not DO NOT trim it. That is a great way to lose a client! When I trim mine I turn my small curved shears backwards from ear to nose, then reverse them again on the other side. I keep my shears straight up and down. That opens up the eyes and keeps the hair out of the eyes.

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          thanks so much for all the replies! I guess what I'm getting at is, if they want their hair to be in a bowtie, you don't need to "trim" their hair at all? You just leave it how it is? If that makes sense (:


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            Well, you don't even need long hair to stick a bow in. Had a co-worker manage to stick bows in a pug. It really depends on what the owners want, and you should be able to get a general idea of how they were styled before once you see the dogs


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              There is no way for us to answer, because we don't know what the heads look like. If they get there, and have long hair that is in a top knot, leave it that way and follow parti's directions. If they have a traditional teddy bear head, you can still pop a bow on top of their head, no tie up necessary. Just ask the owner and look at what the dogs had before. Hopefully you have bows with clips, because bows put in with bands will go wonky on you. Guaranteed. Even if the hair is short, I put in a band first and then clip in the bow so it doesn't fly off the first time the dog shakes it's head.