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  • Yorkie questions

    I have a new client tomorrow...a Yorkie. I haven't done a Yorkie in over a year, so I'm feeling a little rusty. Anyone have any last minute tips or advice for me? Anything I need to remember to absolutely do or not do? Thanks!

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    I can't believe it's been a year between Yorkies. How did that happen?

    You need to read this thread on grooming Yorkies....especially the 4 Sibes method of grooming Yorkies. (I now use this technique)!!!
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      I wish I could've read this informative thread yesterday...I had a "Morkie" today with the "coat from h***". The owner asked for a light trim, so I worked a long time on doing the "light trim." I sure could've saved myself alot of wasted time if I'd tried doing Yorkie groom "alla Sibes."

      I like the part about the large-sized bandana, but might that not be a potential law sut if the trip over it???



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        Wow! A year without grooming a yorkie.....

        I don't have any advice I'm just daydreaming how lovely it would be.
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          I think it's important to remember that it's never going to look as good as you like. I would like to send all my yorkies to someone else!