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    Forgive me but this is not one of my best dogs to groom. I have picked up about 15 more clients. Need some suggestions on grooming.

    A. F comb rev. with cv opened, body, legs, chest and up thru the side of the head.. Tip ears, round head. flag legs, round feet. Head do a f comb rev. on it.

    B. 4 blade with grain, no cv., thinners to legs, skirt, chest. Tip ears, round head.
    No top knot, so I hold up the hair and do a 3 finger blend, small visor.

    Question: when I tip the ears, do I fold them in half and trim them together. I can't seem to get the front of the ear looking correct.

    The books I have only show long coats, and I'm just trying to wing some styles.

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    Hi there. I usually go with something like B). I use a 7f on body, shear the chest and legs. And finish with a Westie head. I love this look on most yorkies. It brings out all their colors. I tip ears with a 10 blade. Hold the tip against your fingers, take off about 3/4in shave upwards on each side
    Hope this helps


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      Just a matter of experiance

      there are so meny differnt tyeps of coat. Some are stright drop coat I use a steel comb backwards to what the person wants the lenth. Then I do what Kristypaws says for the head. If the coat is curly then I will do a blad and since you have a vac use that to get a more even cut