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Wirehaired Pointing Griffon - what is the head supposed to look like

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  • Wirehaired Pointing Griffon - what is the head supposed to look like

    So, I get my first Griffon yesterday. I checked Notes and looked at lots of pictures on the internet of Griffons. His owner had some very specific requests and none of them seemed to me to be breed standard, but maybe I'm wrong. Anyway, he comes in with his head hair about 4 inches long and it looked ridiculous. I dared to trim it down with an A comb and boy did I hear about it.

    So the question is... what is the head supposed to look like??


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    They get a terrier head. Remove straggles from top, ears are stripped close, cheeks are tight, eyebrows scissored even.


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      I believe the standard is to leave em pretty much as is head to tail. You can neaten the head with stripping (leaving beard and eyebrows) and the feet with shears/clippers. So a pet do would be pretty much anything beyond that.


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        Originally posted by LJRSnowcat View Post
        They get a terrier head. Remove straggles from top, ears are stripped close, cheeks are tight, eyebrows scissored even.
        First of all, define terrier. Are you talking about an Airedale or a Schnauzer? A Welsh or a Scottie? In any event, they don't get a terrier head.

        The head should be fairly natural. Strip out dead coat and tidy scragglies on top of the head and the ears. Leave the rest alone. The ears are not stripped close, and the cheeks are not tight. Leave them natural, only rolling out any dead coat. They should never appear stripped, clipped, or scissored. The look is 100% natural. A hot mess, LOL.

        Of course, that's what they're supposed to look like. If the owner wants something different, you do your darndest to give them what they ask for.


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          Yep, as is

          but truthfully in the show ring they do a bit of plucking or carding to define attributes ( for instance angulation) or correct faults (angulation) as such. Just out of bed tousled look. Makes it easy to tell them apart from a German Wire Haired Pointer.
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            If the owner is that fussy about how every hair is cut on the dog's head and it is being done to the owner's likes instead of by the breed standard, I'd put the owner right next to me at the table while I trimmed that dog and do it completely to order. Then there can't be any belly-aching afterwards.

            Then take a picture when you are done to follow the next time.


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              AKC photos hopefully these will help


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                [KANK!] STRAIGHT to the curb!!!
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                  Let me say also that she wanted him cut 1/2 inch short on the back/sides with a slight skirt and "pants". She seemed happy with that part of the cut. So, obviously, she has about as much knowledge on breed standard as I do.


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                    Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

                    The breed standard is for the dog to remain natural but their ears are cut to the leather or just below to be in line with the jaw this is done with thinning shears to keep the natural look. They are plucked/hand stripped to remove dead coat on the body and head. The pictures provided are of Blaze he is my 2 yr old Griffon and is now getting in his adult full coat. The breeder and I are waiting to see if he gets courser but his coat is coming in nicely. Since he is not being shown I don't cut the ears as short as the breed standard so they are a little long in the pictures. Hope these pics help.
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                      like his coat came in very nice, not nearly as soft as it was, glad to see it.


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                        @epilady it is finally changing over and I have been trying to keep up on plucking/stripping out the dead coat. I really love this breed he is so muich fun and we are working on our agility titles now.