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Wire fox front legs?

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  • Wire fox front legs?

    Does anyone have a photo of a wire fox terriers front legs? Where the fullness begins and how much length to leave. Im fine with the rest of the breed, it's just those darn front legs that have me confused. Also, if anyone has any suggestions on which blade they prefer and a photo, it would be helpful. Thanks!

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    i found a pic but the legs should be pretty short, you could probably use a 0 guard comb at the longest. There should be about an inch left on the legs all the way around, it should be a straight tube, and I like to scissor mine, I find that when I use a guide blade on a leg- parts are perfect length and parts are too short, so I just find it better to scissor the tube shape
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      If you dont handstrip scissoring is the best way to do them.
      You start with the foot - make it small and round - you can make the 2 front nails visable. Then do the front of the leg - scissoring a straight line from the front nails up to the body. Then place you in front of the dog and scissor the outside of the leg - make a straight line from the table an up to the body. The line should not go outside of the body. Make a straight line on the inside of the leg - leave the same amount as on the outside.
      And finish with the back of the leg - aslo a straight line down to the table . The scissor of all the corners all around the leg making it into a tube.
      Its important that the foot is not sticking out of the tube - it should not be visable.
      If you want to make the leg more stylish - scissor the line on the back of the leg slightly curved into the foot to make the the dog looking more like he is standing on its toes. ( as you se in the picture.)
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        Mia, every time I see your location I think of the only phrase I know in Swedish, which roughly translates to hey please stop it Donald duck. My neighbors were (probably misspelled) kallie anca fans.


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          nicely done. did you groom that dog? nice job