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Need help with WFT!

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  • Need help with WFT!

    OK so I've ever groomed 2 and the latest is a monthly client I've worked on twice so far. Please take a look at the pics and tell me how I'm doing. I will add pics as I groom him monthly.

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    Visit for grooming tips.


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      It looks great! Just need to rweak a couoke things. Head looks much better on second one. WFT are a goatee breed, so their lower mandable should be clippered to about the flew area. I would also tighten the goatee a bit. Think BRICK when shaping the head.

      He appears to have a very downy coat. If you can grow the legs a bit fuller that would help, but not sure what his coat is capable of.

      To hide the sway back, skim the attatchment combe over the topline. By not pressing it right to the skin and leaviing a little filler coat you can straighen that out.

      I shared a pic to reference what I am talking about. Other than those things I noticed I think he looks fabulous! I'm sure the owners are suoer happy.
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        The 3rd pic looks great. You've taken the head down-the second pic looks more like a Lakeland head. You've got it!
        Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

        Groom on!!!