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    I wish I was one of those folks who thinks to capture moments with a camera. I could make myself a sign saying "Take a picture, Stupid!" but I'd probably ignore it the way everyone ignores signs. Sigh.
    Had my very first Westie yesterday! Having never even actually seen a live Westie, much less groomed one, I ditched my visions of relaxing over the weekend in favor of learning as much as I could. Took notes on the AKC standard, watched soo many videos (watched the good ones several times) and took more notes, read all the westie threads here, studied my Notes book. By the time that fat little girl waddled on in, I could recognize the lines the previous groomer had set on her chest weren't correct, and judged that I would raise them on the skirt a tetch. The head wasn't bad, not set on correctly, but also wasn't great. Asked mom if she wanted me to do up the round head and she said no product, but I followed all the guidelines and tips I learned. I kinda watched myself imitate the moves, the cuts, the angles I had watched the pros use. Blow drying had left her hair relatively fluffy, and I could see that with just a little spray and/or mousse, that girl would have had a round head! I was so so so proud!

    And didn't take a picture. Can't visually share my triumph, ask y'all for critiques. What is WRONG with me?????

    Almost the best part though was the mom was very complimentary, very enthusiastic, rebooked on the spot.

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    I have those days too....super frustrating when you want to show off your work!!

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      I NEVER remember to take pictures. If I do take befores I forget to the finished photo. If I take a finished pic all I see are the errors so I delete the photo before too long. I believe there are some of us who desperately need a little angel to sit on our shoulders with a magic camera.


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        I have tons of "before" pictures, but not so many good "afters" because most of my dogs get suddenly camera shy and would not look up, turn away and just not cooperate.
        OP, you had that Westie rebooked, good job, you can put in the notes "don't forget to take picture"

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          So glad to know I'm not the only one! The dumbest part is that I time every single dog I groom. Using the stopwatch feature of my phone. The very same phone that I use to take pictures. I finish the dog, stop the timer, and shut down the phone instead of hitting the camera icon that is right there in my face! With this dog I spent hours and hours educating myself on the breed and the how-to's, executed a reasonably good groom of which I was very proud, and failed to get proof. It's like shooting off your own foot. And yeah, I have plenty of 'before' pics too. Just not so many 'afters.