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    She was beautiful and well behaved. I have a question concerning the double coat. I blew it out with HV and used a purple LP brush but still couldn't get a poodle comb through. (I tried a CC pin brush first and it just went over the top.) There was no dead hair. It was just really thick. Grooming school ingrained in my head that I should be able to easily comb through a coat when finished. Should I have done something differently?
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    with dogs like this you have to make sure that they are COMPLETELY 100% dry or else you won't be able to get a comb through. Sometimes they have a little bit of dampness that gets stuck in the undercoat. Do you have an undercoat rake? Those come in handy with dogs like this.


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      We have 2 that come into our salon a couple times a year. I tend to not bother with the poodle comb and use an undercoat rake. I think their coats are supposed to be very dense like that. One of our other groomers decided that she was going to de-shed them with a Furminator and when she was finished their coats were really thin.( Our TM's are way larger than breed standard and I'm not sure that their coat matches standard either, but they looked pretty ridiculous with thin coats.) These are one of my favorite breeds right now, BTW.


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        I don't really have anything to offer except that he looks fabulous!