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    I groom one of these, he's a very nice dog, especially since he's not groomed that often. I think he was last in (before he came in last week) over 4 months ago...actually I think it was October '07!

    Anyway, the only mats really were in his underbelly/inner thigh area. His coat was VERY wirey and he was a LOOKER!

    Here's the deal. The owner just has him clipper cut, but the hair is SOOOOOOOO thick, and soooo much blown undercoat. I didn't now they HAD undercoat, I guess that's why they're not a miniature schnauzer.

    He got this dog in England, not sure if he's a 'nicer' specimen or not. Sorry I had no camera the day he came in last. Any ideas for how I can clip through that horrible coat? I don't like clipping reverse on schnauzers, but ended up having to do it anyway. Even though the dog was CLEAN, the hair was so thick that a #7 with the grain or my T-84 wide blade (length of a 9?) wouldn't go trhough it without lines. It was a nightmare. It took me longer to groom him than it did an airedale!

    Tammy in Utah
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    standard shn

    well you know they should be plucked but when you clipper you just encourage that fluff
    You could try a coat king first and thin it out. I would use a 7 skip tooth on the back if you are only going at it seasonally but use the coat king and the wire will come back some- 7 f the head 10 the ears and throat and butt- hope that helps


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      I agree with Beth. Coat King the heck out of him first. Or use a Furminator. Or both, lol. It also helps if you scrub them with a Zoom Groom in the bath, and go over them with a Zoom Groom before and after the bath, too. That thing pulls a lot of blown coat, and is kinder to the skin.