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striping a Italian Spinone

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  • striping a Italian Spinone

    I have a show client that wants me to come and stip her dogs for her. The only problem is I have never hand stripped one before and I dont know the body pattern. Does anyone know of a good guide reference I could use? She is raked in the top 5 and i cant mess them up. Plus she has around 20-30 dogs, about how long does it take to hand strip one dog of that size? Do you charge more for hand stripping?

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    Gee I hate to sound negitive, but your post sounds kind of like this...

    I have a friend that has a horse, it is a show horse, and they want me to
    train it.
    BUt.... I have never trained a horse before.

    How much does a horse trainer make? can you tell me in a note, how to do it?
    I don't want to screw this up.

    I don't know, maybe its just me.


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      I would be leary to learn on a show dog. With the size of them if she truly has that many she wants you to do regulary is may become a full time job all in its self. I don't have personal expirence with the breed but know that stripping is time consuming and usually charged big $$$$$ for. A great oprounitity but......


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        Spinone Italiano

        Hand stripping any breed of dog is not learned from charts, books or diagrams. It is learned from breeders, handlers and groomers who specialize in that particular breed. Why a person who has a dog in the top five would entrust a novice to work on her dogs is beyond me unless she is a novice herself. This is extremely labor intensive work and takes many years to learn the proper procedures for each broken coated breed. If done right, you don't make any money at all hand stripping unless you show the dogs you groom. It is too labor intensive.


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          I know how to strip, I just don't know the body pattern on a spinone. She said she would teach me the pattern but I would like to know it before getting there as much as possible. The reason why I asked if you charge more is because for cairns and westies I don't charge anymore then if I were to take a clipper to it because it takes just as long(due to they are on a schedule), I was just wondering if anyone else charges more for hand stripping. So that is why I am asking.
          Thanks for the info though. It is something to think about.


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            Originally posted by MeganRose View Post
            I don't charge anymore then if I were to take a clipper to it because it takes just as long(due to they are on a schedule),
            MeganRose- for your terriers that are on a schedule, how often to the come in and how long does it take you to maintain?
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              I had to laugh

              all the talk about coloring dogs in other threads, and I first thought that someone is going to make stripes on the Spinone. Hee hee.

              Okay, now to the real topic. I have to say I've seen them perhaps too au natural at the shows but they are "supposed" to be that way. AKC Standard quote: "The Spinone is exhibited in a natural state. The appearance of the Spinone may not be altered. The dog must present the natural appearance of a functional field dog." Even goes on to say any scissoring, clipping, or setting of pattern-shall be severely penalized as to eliminate them from further competition. All that said but last week-end at a tiny show in Santa Maria Ca. they had a truely great looking Spinone Italiano, and it looked like manipulating of the coat was done. It took at least one of the days group placings.

              So it seems to me if you were to strip the coat, it would be just important to make it a bit tidyer, accentuate shoulder lay back, hocks etc. Should be not much done and thus not much extra charge.
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                I wasn't even sure what this breed looks like, so I did some searching. I found the Spinone Club of America and they do say in the grooming section that light stripping should be done.
                "The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog." -Ambrose Bierce


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                  Thanks guys!
                  I went out to her house yesterday, and she showed me what she wanted done and all of the dogs. I think mainly it would be minimal stipping on the dogs, bathing ect. However she has more than 20 dogs, it sounds like it would be almost another part-time job. I told her since she is going to be only taking a few dogs at a time to shows that I would do them before she leaves and she agreed that it would work. I am just going to have to train a girl to do the up keep the day of(no big deal, they are not bichons). Plus she obviously has been showing them for a while and knows what to do, I just think she doesn't have time.
                  Thanks so much for the info