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Whats the best way to shape a tail?

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  • Whats the best way to shape a tail?

    I have 2 scotties I do for my mother in law and one of them has a fat tail thaqt never seems t5o look right It probably something Im doing so I just wanted to see how everyone else shapes the tail.It also doesnt help that they have no social skills and are generally weird about everythng.

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    Fat tail?? lol

    Well, the tail is supposed to be "carrot shaped", wide at the bottom (where it is wider anyway) and narrowing.

    If the tail itself seems to be the correct length, you can trim the hair straight across at the end of the tail. You can take a longish blade (like a #3) over the tail, then scissor the base to tidy up, then scissor the rest of the tail to a narrow point that is a bit rounded. The underside of the tail will need to be shorter than a #3 or else straggles will hang down. Some people clipper it shorter, I like to scissor.


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      Debbie Hilly did a blog showing how,click on the blog link,and it should be there. If I got the wrong groomer,SORRY!
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        I thought it was Chris Sertzel...
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          Can anyone post a pic of a carrot tail? Mine never seem to look like a carrot. LOL If you use a #5 on the back what length for the tail?