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    This is the second time that I have groomed him and I remembered to take pictures. It isn't often that I get to keep any dog in a full coat and am so happy I get to groom him. The best part is he lives right down the street so I get to play with him occasionally too. I wanted to know where I could improve and tips on anything, especially the ear tufts. I tried to get as many angles as possible but it is hard to take a picture of a terrier, they move so much! I am not sure about how the lines are supposed to be on the body and if any terrier people could draw them on the pictures for me I would be so grateful I would draw you a picture in return. It would be a poorly drawn picture but that is about all I could offer. He is a great dog to work with except for clipping his back nails, he kicks like a donkey. Mac loves playing with my Standard Ringo and, true to a terrier's personality, thinks that he is as big as my dog too. I know next to nothing about competing and what I could compete with at a show, but is Mac a possibility? I live so close to PetQuest and want to try but am afraid of being embarrassed. Thanks for looking.
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    Here's my full body picture with his Christmas bandanna on. Yes, I groomed him before Christmas and I am finally getting the time to post his pictures. Christmas was so busy!
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      I know next to nothing about competition level styling....but wanted to say he looks very pretty. I love brindles...and his coat looks so shiny and clean!
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        Mac is a cutie! I like scotties and he is cute!

        I think your lines need to come down a bit on his body and the front and rear should be "tighter." Basically this means bring your clipper work a bit lower. His brows should be longer, but often pet owners do not like them too long.

        Look up Westminster Kennel Club and you can watch the judging of the scotties and Best in Show (the scottie won the terrier group.) This is helpful, and fun to watch!

        good luck with this little guy!


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          Lower lines

          As was already said, the lines need to be lower, especially on shoulders and hips, as far as I know.

          I am not a Terrier expert, but was told years ago - and have seen reconfirmed on this site and at the dog shows - that Terrier trims are supposed to expose the musculater on shoulders and thighs. Your trim covers them up.

          I personally like to use skiptooth blades on most Terriers, as it leaves the body part with a bit more natural-looking coat, and allows a natural blend into the longer hair of the furnishings.

          Here is a link to a reasonably clear photo of a well-done Scottie.

          Sorry - didn't realize it was such a long link when I found the photo! Look up some show breeder sites etc. and you will see the look I am talking about.

          Have fun!


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            such a handsome guy. Its tough with the longer coats when you are trying to give them summer cuts as well.