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Schipperke groomed today

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  • Schipperke groomed today

    Finally got to groom a Schipperke today and really wasn't too tough aside from a ton of undercoat that desperately needed to come out. The boy I did was really a love, but was abused by the last groomer to the point where everything scared him. Had to work extra slow on him, took about 3 hrs. but when his owner came to get him, she took one look at him and started to cry. She was soooo happy with the job I did on her beloved pet, that I had to console her for about 10 mins. His owner is a 87 year old lady, and she said that I am his new groomer from now on. I am glad she liked what I did, as she was very picky with how she wanted her boy to look. Must have filled the bill so to speak. It's days like today that I am glad I do what I do.

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    Knowing this breed like I do , I would guess that he was a nercous nellie to begin with. not abused by his last groomer. Skips have a tendency to be skittish if not socilaized properly.