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  • Poodle tails

    I'm having a terrible time with poodle that has no tail at all!
    I've seen tutorials but poo always has perfect length tail of show dogs and I haven't show poo as clients I only have the ones that got their tail cut too short (like my mom's one) and the hair on tail often ending up by being a mess.
    Because of course, owners of that kind of poodle want a big and beautiful cotton ball on their poo! I can't do miracle but I'll like to get better!

    Here's my actual way to do a tail :
    1, I try to do a shaped line at the base of the tail
    2. I hold the whole hair on hand and I cut the top of the piece of Hair I'm holding
    3. I hold the tail right, I fluff the hair, and cut around to make it look like a ball
    And then it turn into a potato!!

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    "Then turn it into a potato"!!! That just made my day!!!

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      I usually just tip the ends of that kind of tail. With them not having a proper tail what can you do? I just make it cute with rest of body.


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        With the itty-bitty little stumpy tails I usually take them to the same length as the body. If they really want a puff there I will shave most of the underside (For cleanliness, and usually because there's a mat there) then shape up the top and sides into a cute little bunny tail. It can be quite adorable on the right dog, as long as they put in a minimum of brushing


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          I turn them into a 'bunny tail'.
          Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

          Groom on!!!


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            Today I had my poodle's sister who was born at home and our vet cut her tail so short I think she has like 1cm of tail.
            Here's what I have done following your advices and I focused on not cutting too much
            Click image for larger version

Name:	ImageUploadedByTapatalk1455018623.510071.jpg
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            Click image for larger version

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            Click image for larger version

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              The potato comment almost killed me, lol, how funny! ;D
              The last pics you posted of your sisters poodle.....the tail looks lovely
              Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.


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                In fact the dog is the sister of my own poodle!
                Thank you! I focused on how big I wanted but I think it looks a little flat to me but anyway when the dog sits tail get flatten or after someday a when hair get back to normal so I think they don't notice


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                  When they're docked too short, I skip shaving a band and just make a ball of puff directly on their ass.