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How do you move a tuck up?

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  • How do you move a tuck up?

    I finally have a client who wants a longer cut. YaHoo!
    I want to move the tuck up more towards the ribs.

    Can anyone help me with this?

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    I have heard you should move it just behind the last rib, although I am admittedly not much of a tuck up girl.


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      I am assuming (and we all know what that could mean) that you are talking about the area that the rear leg joins the body. It really will depend on how much hair you have to work with and the outline of the dog.

      I like my dogs to appear up on leg and a little shorter backed. Trim from the area half way from the flap of skin that joins the body to the leg. adjust forward cautiously as needed. On some dogs I may even clip ou that flap of skin with a 10 or 30 blade.


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        Dexy, I do the same thing-shaving that part out, it leaves it much cleaner. It really does depend on the amount of hair that the dog has. I usually cut in the front and the rear and then the tuck up, eyeballing it and putting it where it will make the dog look the most square. If you are doing this on your own dog, let it grow really hairy so you have plenty of hair to work with. If it is a regular customer without much hair, do the best you can at blending the new tuck up into the hair that is available, and keep moving it forward every groom. It is much more difficult to do it that way for me! I would rather start with a clean slate (or very hair dog with no pattern) so to speak. If you are able to go watch a grooming competition, watch the poodle class. This is how I learned how to do many things! I need to actually SEE the process, I can't learn by someone just telling me!!!