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    I have a picky client with a standard in a lamb cut. (#5 body long legs) I think I have the cut tweked to what she likes but she complains that he doen't stay "looking nice" long enough. From what I can tell she is talking about the time it takes to go from the fluffed out just brushed and fluffed look to the more curly coming to the salon look. I guess I always worried about sending them home looking nice but never really thought about how long it lasts. Of corse one time I great it lasted a week and the next it only lasted a day and for the life of me I can't figure out the difference. So those of you who have poodles at home. What do you do that keep them looking "groomed" or am I just beating my head against a wall with a picky client. HELP

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    i have two poodles and can't help with keeping them looking nice! i think really good fluff drying is supposed to work. but as for how fast they stop looking nice, i think coat and humidity have a lot to do with it. my boy has a silky coat (typical red) and curls up fast. my girl is a bit more coarse and her coat tends to stay straight and fluffy until she jumps in the bathtub. i'm sure you'll get better answers than that though.


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      I'd try Fluff Out & get info from the customer

      about what happens when the dog is at home. Is he outside a lot?
      How long does the nice look last? If they had a prior groomer was there something done differently?

      I just groomed my Bichon- probably the best he has ever looked.
      I used a product by Davis called Fluff Out. Spray it on while they are still damp, then dry. (They are a sponsor on this board too I think.)

      I really took my time today drying him. Blew the water off with a cone nozzle on a high velocity dryer. Then drying more with my 4.0 metro without the cone attachment.
      Then really straightening the hair in very small sections, using my slicker brush then checking it with my comb, using a stand dryer to finishto a powder dry coat.

      I clippered the coat with an A comb & my Clipper Vac.
      Then I even refluffed with my Poodle comb, and re clippered.

      I don't know his coat quality, somewhat soft maybe.

      As far as your Poodle client, coat length is not too long. The weather is always a factor with hair. I would think the outdoor dampness in the morning is not good if you want to keep fluffiness.

      I'll let you know when his coat starts to change back.


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        I've seen a reference to the difference between using heat during drying and no heat.. apparently using heat while brushing the poodle during drying will keep the finish longer than using just the cool forced air (or heaven forbid cage drying ).

        But if you've been using heat, then I'm not really sure...


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          don't worry - be happy

          The poodles age, coat density, color, and length all will be a factor. Also, the time since groomed and the home enviroment will all contribute to the just brushed and fluffed look wilting away. Does the dog have access to a swimming pool or does the owner let the dog out in the rain or while the lawn sprinklers are going? OR

          I'm sure the owner brushes her own hair on daily basis - is she also brushing her poodle? Your probably have done everything right, I would not get to concerned.


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            I, too, wouldn't worry about it. Tell her to bring the dog in more often to avoid the curly look if she doesn't like it. I know when I"m rushed an bathe my poodle and just force dry him he gets curlier a LOT faster than if I brush and dry with a warm air stand dryer. He lasts a least a week if I do that. Plus find out if she's letting him get wet at home, that won't help, and brushing in between wards off the curly-q's a little longer.
            No Fur, No Paws, No Service.


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              Thanks. I've never owned a poo so I wasn't sure how long that "groomed" look lasted. I kinda figured that humidity was the factor. Thanks all for the first hand expirence. I feel that I can deal with her better tomarrow.


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                Bichon's back & head still look great!!

                Legs are another story here in the dust bowl!



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                  Curly hair + Moisture = Curls

                  Force dying the hair until it is 98% dry is the best way to get hair straighter longer. Then fluff out with a stand dryer for the other 2%. I haven't tried Davis Fluff Out I need to.