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  • Poodle bracellets

    I have a few poodle clients that like their dogs to have bracellets. I am not really good at making them look great any suggestions? Mine end up alittle flat or not even with the others. Do they have to be ovals like the book suggests or are they more round like balls? Any suggestions or really good pics would be great.


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    Well the round shape or oval depends on what the client wants, if it is round it has more hair which gets matted faster, there is even a square shaped bracelet or a flat bracelet as well. The flat bracelet is just like a tube over the leg. Looks cute on boy poodles. To get your pompoms to look nice comb all the hair down and hold it all in you hand scissor off any hair that hangs past your poodle foot line. Now fluff out all the hair with your comb and shake the foot, put the foot down and stand on the dogs side and then scissor the front of the pompom and the back of it. Now move to the front of the dog and re fluff, and shake, and scissor each side of the foot, you may have to hold the opposite foot up and out of the way to get it right. Use curved shears, If you are still having trouble use a large guide blade and go over the pompom first then set trim the top and bottom to round out.


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      Toilet paper roll

      Follow Poodle Fluff instructions, what sometimes helps is to invision each bracelet as a toilet paper roll (adjusted to the size of the dog) trim that out as instructed and then shape the ends into gentle curves.