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    I rarely get a standard poodle, but I now have a standard black male. He is quite a nice dog, but very weird hair. The topnot springs up nicely, but the leg hair is still a little sparse and fuzzy looking for a 1 year old, I think.

    Today was a 4 hour job with him. He is a very dirty boy, loves to play outside and he gets very dirty. So bathing alone takes a long time.

    Today my biggest problem was scissoring with alot of static in my van. I have anti static sprays, but they really weren't working well. So I would comb, scissor, and then comb again. it was really a chore. I went home so tired.

    Is 4 hours about average for a hand-scissored kennel clip? or am I way off?

    I just get so frustrated, I could've groomed 3 mini-poodles in that time.

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    I have heard others in mobile mention spritzing fabric softner in your van to help w/static. I use it in my shop now, but the main benefits I see is it smells really good!!! In a smaller area it would probably work much better.
    SheilaB from SC


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      Just wondering...why hand scissor a kennel clip? I get great results on standards with snap on combs. My average time is about half of yours but I also use a clipper vac.


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        I have a couple of toys that have the same kind of hair (on the legs) and I've found that using Davis "Fluff Out" seems to help. It gives the hair more "umph", but doesn't leave it feeling yucky. I mist lightly before (and during) the drying process.


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          I use the fabric softener in my trailer and have zero static. It also helps the hair and dander fall off the walls. Plus it make my trailer smell great! Sorry, I can't help you with the poodle. I suck at them.
          If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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            To what length did you hand scissor? You may want to invest in some comb attachments if you don't have any. Sure you still have to touch up with the scissors, but it will set the length and save you a whole heck a lot of time!
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              I agree that using a comb will be quicker but

              If your hand is steady and the dog stays reasonably still, try roughing him in with a simple 7 blade. I sometimes set my rough show puppy patterns on toys as well as standards with 7 blades - it reduces scissor time.


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                scissoring a kennel clip on a standard! wow. thats cool. umm..but four hours on one poodle! wow. I use guide combs (wahl stainless steel, and i love them, they glide through the coat very easily!) and then scissor to finish, although i did scissor a puppy cut on a mini and it turned out beautifully (no scissor marks or dents)