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Ok! I need help for all you poodle experts!

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  • Ok! I need help for all you poodle experts!

    I am a mobile groomer and have finally gotten my first standard poodle many toys! My question is regarding using snap on combs for a puppy cut to save time and then hand scissors to neaten. I know hand scissoring (which is how I was taught) is the best method however being mobile, I need to save some time. Any suggestions on comb size, etc?

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    Better clarify "THE" Puppy Clip, or "a" puppy clip... first. I have never used SO combs on THE Puppy Clip. If the owners just wanted something cute and more manageable...I would show them the size of my SO combs and let them determine/pick the length. But that's me.
    Congrats on your first Std. Poo pup. They are tons of fun!
    Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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      With most of my pet standard clients, the fist thing we do it talk about maintence and how much they want to spend on it. That really determines how long you want to leave the coat and how fancy you want to get.

      For most of them it ends up being anywhere from a 2comb-0comb on the body. I never run the combs down the legs (it just ends up looking **** compared to scissoring them in). It's a stylized lamb pattern for the most part. I'm just big on running whatever comb I'm using in rev from the top of the hock to the base to the tail. Then blend in and set your angulation. It's takes only a few minutes but it really adds the wow factor.

      Big time saver is if possible, do the clean face and feet before bathing. Those are the areas most dogs aren't so hot about getting %100 dry and this way they are done and will air dry if need be.

      Have fun with your new baby!! They are diffently my favorite!! Of course I'm a little biased.


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        I just figure out how long they want the hair to be, and then choose the comb blade. And I use a longer blade on the legs. I have had very good results with the snap on combs. But a good shampoo, conditioner, and blow dry make all the difference in the world. Just be sure to back brush a lot, and go over it as many times as needed. Today I did a SP with a 2 on the body and an A on the legs and scissored in the blend line and then finished off. I almost went with a "0" on the legs, but I'm glad I didn't. You know, it depends on the dog. This dog had some substance. Not real lean. Didn't want him to look too fat.