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    This is my first time posting a picture so if its not usable I will try again. I recently got a standard poodle for my mother in law and need some help. His coat is at least 3 inches long, his tail is docked way too short and his tail set is very low. That being said... I need some artistic help... I would like to trim him a little shorter bu need help on setting his angles and body structure. Where I'm from we never get any standards with anything longer than a 7F... so I got Sampson to educate myself and get lots of practice in. =) If anyone could draw the angles and structure on Sampson and repost or email it to me that would be such a great help! I have an idea of how to start but I'm sort of lost at the same point... If it would be better to email a full size picture I can do that too! Thanks for any help! [email protected]
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